Yet another scrsht post..

Menu Theme-ing

This time its my Cellphone. This is the theme in my phone 😀

Quote of the Day:

Kyle’s Haikus
Fat ass Cartman was
Not on the school bus today
What a big fat turd.

Ass full of pork fat
Jiggles like a jello mold
Mouth is flapping too.

I bet you don’t win
They don’t let big fat asses
Perform on TV.

Cartman :
Shut your goddamn mouth
Or else I’m gonna kick you
Square in the balls a-s-s-h-ol-e.

2 thoughts on “Yet another scrsht post..”

  1. Used a software within the phone to take the screenshots and then enlarged them on the PC.
    and… I dont have a Webcan I use my phone cam always 😀

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